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Bryhill are timber decay and damp eradication specialists with a reputation for honesty and integrity. Our surveyors have combined experience totalling over 100 years in:

DRY ROT - Dry rot is the most destructive decay affecting property today. It keeps away from the light and grows behind plasterwork in search of further woodwork to attack. Repairs and treatment to prevent it reoccurring can be costly, depending on the extent of the damage, if left untreated. As well as replacing decayed wood, masonry and plasterwork, Bryill’s engineers will also carry out a cost-effective assessment of the external fabric of the property, report on any contributory sources of moisture which may lead to further outbreaks, and advise on their repair.

WET ROT - Wet rot is a lesser problem, where the timber decays naturally in the presence of high levels of moisture, almost always caused by a building defect. Once the building defect has been rectified and any source of moisture stopped, structurally weakened timbers should be replaced. All timber treatment and chemicals for treating decay are approved by the Building Research Establishment and carry a supplier’s 20-year guarantee.

CONDENSATION AND MOULD CONTROL - Bryhill’s engineers cure condensation and mould by installing ventilation, which allows air to circulate the property and, in some cases, increase surface wall temperature by using thermal wall linings.

RISING DAMP - Rising damp is moisture rising from the ground by capillary action, which brings with it chloride and nitrate salts. If left untreated this will cause plaster work to become hygroscopic and absorb further moisture from the atmosphere, leading to dampness in the internal parts of the building. Our surveyors use non-invasive techniques to identify rising damp and locate the source of problem.

TIMBER ENGINEERING - Bryhill Technical Services are experts in specialised timber engineering. We carry out repairs to both modern and historic timber structures. Our in house engineering department design the remedial works using the most appropriate detail for each individual situation. Repairs vary from engineered craft details through to reinforced epoxy techniques ,including insitu strengthening of large timber beams. We also carry out initial condition surveys to assess the extent of decay and defects in timber structures, providing repair solutions and costings.

WOODWORM TREATMENT - Not all woodworm needs to be treated. Bryhill’s experienced surveyors will correctly identify the type of infestation and honestly advise on whether treatment is really necessary.

DRY BASEMENT CREATION - Whether you want to turn an existing cellar into a new living space or creating a completely new underground room, Bryhill Technical Services are at the forefront of this underground revolution. Bryhill use extruded membrane technology and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to create a totally dry environment for you to live in. As well as creating a dry space underground, Bryhill Technical Services can manage the whole project from start to finish, including plumbing, electrics and decoration.

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